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Why Free Magazines are offered Online

July 9th, 2011 · No Comments · Free Samples By Mail

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    Why Free Magazines?

    I am a collector of online magazines and in my years of collecting them, I’ve discovered that there are enormous ways why free magazines are offered online? Here are some of my discoveries:
    Marketing Strategy Everything that is online and offered for free has a catch. If you are a veteran online, you will know. It’s really up to you if you will fall into the wrong hands or limit you to online freebies to fall into the right ones. What do I mean by this?
    To be able to market a particular product or service online, they need to attract more site visitors. Since the competition online is very stiff, site owners need to think of ways on how to entice people to visit their website and that is why free Magazines are offered online. One effective way is to offer free magazine subscription. I landed into many sites that offer educational and travel magazines. These magazines are costly when bought from the marketplace. So these magazines are offered as an exchange deal online. Once you sign up on the site, you will get one regularly for free.

    free magazines

    Sharing of Advocacy I also landed into advocacy sites; environmental advocacy, political, religion, and many more. For them to introduce their purpose to the public and of course to entice readers to be a member of their advocacy group, they offer free magazines. One good example is a site gearing towards paperless earth. So they encourage everyone to avail everything online to save the resources. This is also a through regular subscription.
    Just a Freebie Sites teaching how to save money also offer freebies. And of course, free magazines will be part of it. They are drawing people to go online to be able to save not only resources but money. Speaking of cost, publication and printing cost is higher than doing it online.
    To SaveThere are huge publications that transformed their business online. If you will check, more than 25% of the magazines are now unseen in the magazine stands. They can now be seen online. The contents are the same. But the manner of delivery is different making the publication maximize their earnings to a great extent.

    For TradeTrading is also a growing hobby. Whether business or personal; the trades can be showcased into these free magazines. So for a better boost of the items they want to trade, free magazines are given and availed online.
    All of these boil down into the first reason I stated which is why free magazines are offered online; a marketing strategy. If you can encourage more to avail of the free magazines you offer, the more traffic you generate for your site. For more articles like this feel free to checkout the main page of free samples by mail.

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