With the ever increasing number of English speaking people re-locating to France, I know from the clients I come into contact with on a daily basis that people go through all kinds of torment wondering if they too can have a part of what appears to be an idyllic lifestyle. My answer to their concerns is an irrevocable ‘YES.’ The lifestyle is there, but not just for the taking, as with everything worth having there is always a cost.

As I sit out on our terrace in the sunlight and look out at the majestic, snow capped Pyrenees and across the valley to where the deer timidly venture from the wood; listening to the birds chirping away as they flit back and forth to their nests whilst in the distances an ancient tractor goes trundling by, content in the knowledge that whilst I can see all this I am completely unobserved by any neighbours; I repeat the lifestyle is there and ‘yes’ to my mind it is idyllic.

Over the last two decades with transport becoming more efficient plus regular budget flights and the increasing unity of the E.E.C. there has been an increase in the number of people coming to realise that they too can benefit from living in a warmer, sunnier climate and the pull of the more leisurely and seemingly laid back lifestyle of the continent has seen an increase in the number of people moving from the UK to re establish themselves here in France and elsewhere.

If you are planning on moving to france then go for it.It’s a good thought.

Then why do so many people who have moved to France full of hope and expectations end up within a handful of years heading back across the channel? Many totally demoralised and blaming the country itself, the people — but rarely understanding exactly what went wrong.

Others can be heard saying, ‘Well at least I gave it a try, it wasn’t meant to be but at least now I have tried and have no regrets.’ Never realising that ‘trying’ means you are not likely to succeed; you either do something or you do not. Trying does not promote the attitude necessary for a successful outcome, what is necessary is complete and total commitment plus the realisation that this may well involve hard work on your part and definitely the ability to laugh at oneself and still remain committed to persevere.

Sadly for a small minority it truly is circumstances beyond their control often involving family issues and for them it is a heartbreaking wrench to turn their backs on their dreams.

Some people after selling a home in the UK believe that in moving to France to purchase a property they can eek out an existence living on the residual money from the sale. Unfortunately without proper financial guidance, that is, unless that money is working for them, providing some form of residual income, it is just not going to happen.
In fact very often when people move to France with their lump sum from their sale the first few months they see as continued vacation and they venture forth exploring their new environment, eating out more than they have ever done before and spending more than they ever believed possible.

A few mistakenly believe that a move is going to wipe out the trials and tribulations of their existing lives; they believe that because they are not happy in their own country that moving will be akin to waving a magic wand, although, the sad reality is that in moving their difficulties come with them and unless they are going to honestly address these conflicts and make changes within themselves then moving country will not, in any way, make it easier to deal with.

Re-Locating From An English Speaking Country To France Doesn’t Just Involve Gathering Information

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