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April 5th, 2014 · Free Samples By Mail

Free Dova Sample  (soap and shampoo)
free dova sample You need to just enter your email in the form and press “click to continue” button – when you will need to type in your address and that is it! I found it in my mailbox after 12 days of completing this form.


Free Snuggle Sample (2 bottles)

freebie of snuggle postTo get a free snuggle sample you need to put your name and your email in this form, then you will be asked for address where do you want the sample to be delivered. I found this sample in my mailbox after 10 days of completing this form.


Free Covergirl Sample (1 lipstick only)

cover girl samples If you want this free covergirl sample which I really enjoyed you need to enter your email, submit it and then enter the address where you want the sample to be delivered. I found this sample in my mailbox after 17 days but it was worth waiting.

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Get Updated and Working Free Samples

November 3rd, 2011 · Free Samples By Mail

Free Apple Iphone 5 to test and keep (23 left)
free samples Hurry up cause only two days left to get this free Iphone 5 from Apple to test and keep. You just need to enter your email into the form and press “continue”. I found it in my mailbox 8 days after completing this form. Don`t miss you chance to get this expensive device for free!

Free Samples By Mail No Surveys!

So this is my hobby and I spend a lot of my free time ordering them. I made this website to put all of the samples that have reached me by mail. I put only working samples that arrives. I also hate surveys (it is not a secret that my website is called  get free samples by mail no surveys).

Why only three samples are listed?

I only share the samples of free stuff online that really arrives to you by mail (I test them first myself), I put only the working one`s to my website (like this free dating sites sample). Believe me or not as much as 80 percent of free samples by mail do not reach you because of some reasons, here is some popular ones a) The sample was lost somewhere in the post – it happens, because the post knows how the sample letter looks like and sometimes they just don`t bother to send it to you because they think it is just something you did not order and for advertisement purposes only. 2) Free Stuff form is not working – it occurs mostly because there are no more samples left or for some other geeky computer problems.

free samples no surveys no quizzes

For what kind of samples are you searching for?

I try to apply for every free sample I can find online – I even get a lot of samples for babies which I usually give away because I don`t have a baby and I`m planning to have one soon. I love to get some beauty or makeup freebies from different brands like dove, walmart, nivea, covergirl, etc. I give some to my daughter which is old enough to use some of them. Sometimes I throw them away as garbage because I can get used them anywhere – for example parrot food samples – I don`t own a parrot and I have no friends who do too (if you have a parrot contact me and I will send them for you if you are willing to pay for the shipping). Sometimes I am amazed on all this stuff you can get online for free – it starts with a lot of pet food offers and ends up with popular free dating sites and baby products such as pampers. If you use my website ( get free samples by mail no surveys) to get a lot of free samples by mail press facebook`s like button!

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free samples by mail

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